Stain Vs. Paint

Here in America, it is hard not to notice that most homes have a wood theme incorporated. It has been since used even before cement was invented. But even though modern homes now include cement or glass, you can still some aspects that are made of wood. Most homeowners still prefer wood in their homes because it is sturdy and can give a homey and authentic look. They may even give an exotic look if incorporated that way.


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Wood is most commonly used in outside wall panels, fences, deck, and deck floors. These places are the ones that are always exposed to different kinds of elements such as the weather and foot traffic. This is why these should always be protected and maintained.

Are you one of the homeowners who can’t decide whether to stain, paint, or leave the floor bare? Below, we will discuss why painting or staining is important, which is better, and which will require lesser maintenance.

Importance of Painting or Staining Wood
According to experts, to protect the wood from the natural elements, it’s best to stain or paint them instead of leaving it bare. Dirt, snow, sun, and rain can all damage the wood. Constant foot traffic can also contribute to its damage. If the wood is not waterproofed, molds can develop on it.

You can also prevent the wood from twisting and warping if paint or stain is added to it. It makes the fences last longer and protects the wood from rain and sun. It can also prevent cracks, splinters, and splits.


Which Is Better: Stain or Paint?
The use of stain or paint depends on the function of the wood. For example, horizontal surfaces that experience heavy foot traffic need more maintenance. Thus, it is suggested to use stain instead of paint because it can be costly when it comes to maintenance. Such surfaces include deck floors.

Most homeowners tend to paint their decks with interior house paints. This is a big no-no because these kinds of paints are not designed for weather conditions. It will definitely be a disaster if you use these paints because it will just crack, peel, and lift right up. It should be durable because horizontal surfaces such as deck floors accumulate everything from dust to snow.

Aside from that, the look and beauty of the wood are preserved. Stains also go deep within the wood.

Paint, on the other hand, is most commonly used in vertical surfaces such as fences and deck posts. It also coasts the wood’s top and hides the beauty of it.

When it comes to wood maintenance, staining is somewhat on the downside since it requires frequent maintenance even once a year. Someone should also be hired to stain it again and seal their decks. This is costly compared to painting which only needs to be repainted after 5 or 6 years. Re-staining deck floors costs can vary depending on the floor area. Stain tends to dry after 1 to 2 days.

Cost Comparison of Stain Versus Paint
As said from above, staining can be costly especially in maintenance compared to painting. Also, the existing stain needs to be stripped, sanded, and re-stained again. This job should be done by someone experienced so it is required to hire somebody to do this. Also, staining needs more coats which contribute to the additional costs. Painting is cheaper since this can also be done by anyone. Plus, you can repaint it after several years.

There are pros and cons of both staining and painting. It is up to the homeowner what he or she thinks and decides, especially if money is not a factor.


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