New Technology

Technology has brought about a significant improvement in our lives. Almost every aspect of our lives has been affected in one way or another by technology and fencing is not an exception. Thanks to new technology, fences are now more durable and secure than before.


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As the cost of fencing is heavily dependent on material and time used, new technology has gone a long way in reducing cost all while making them even more durable.

Use of different materials other than traditional wood has made fencing more durable. Wood, despite having been used for centuries as fence materials, does not meet modern needs and standards. This has forced scientists to come up with other materials that can be used in place of wood.

Vinyl Fence

One such material is vinyl. Unlike wood, vinyl is capable of withstanding almost every condition. Despite looking identical to wood, vinyl requires minimal attention and caring. Wood withers out with time while vinyl does not. Vinyl is also cheaper and easy to acquire when compared to wood.

vinyl fence
Wrought Iron Fence

Wrought iron fences are also becoming increasingly popular due to their strength and resistance to rust. In the making of wrought iron, iron is coated with a steel polymer on the is resistant to moisture and otherwise harmful UV rays
Aluminum fencing, another alternative requires minimal maintenance. Aluminum is resistant to water and chemicals. They do not corrode at all due to their chemical composition. Aluminum fences are likely to withstand any condition thrown at it.
Powder coating of fence posts has become a thing in recent years. Special chemicals are now being used to stain and paint fences of different materials in order to make them last longer. If not properly done, the fence posts are left vulnerable to the external environment. Special paints made specifically for fences are becoming popular.

wrought iron

Electric Fence

Intelligent electric fence security systems are another way new technology has made fences more durable. These are smart perimeter fences with the ability to detect intrusion and activate the alarm system. Intelligent fences come with pre-installed sensors that are able to detect the slightest movement hence minimal contact. They can also be linked to the property owner’s phone and be able to send instant messages in case of a breach. Intelligent electric fences are durable and work round the clock. They can be installed in houses, industries, offices and any other place with the risk of intrusion.

Co-Extrusion Technology

Fabricating of fence posts with co-extrusion technology has significantly improved the build quality of the posts. The process makes use of sophisticated technology that combines different textures by extruding one material and filling it with another material to form a single durable product. Posts made through this process are durable and capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions. They are also resistant to vandalism.

Tracked fencing machine technology which uses Special tractors that are capable of fencing up to 7 km of the fence in a day have revolutionized how fencing is done. These futuristic machines use specially designed aluminum fence posts that are fed from a magazine on the fencing machines. The wires get fed to the magazine and the posts driven into the ground with the wire stands already in place. This technology is most effective when fencing a large tract of land. It is not only fast but durable and secure as well.


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