This In Sports

There are a lot of special sports news and events that are making their debuts on the newspapers, televisions, social media, and other entertainment programs. There are people who are talking about the incoming Olympic event and some are talking about a local and international sports event that would be never be missed by sports lovers. More of these events are mainly focusing on basketball, football, and boxing. But basketball is mostly the center of debates online and social media.

Here are some highlights in the sports event that will surely pique your interest:

  1. Cavaliers vs. Lakers result heightened the heat of fans towards Cavaliers boss.
    Let’s talk about basketball. Lakers team are now returning again to the spotlight thanks to their new line-up including the all-time basketball star, Lebron James. With the help of Lebron, it fueled the Lakers to once again, enter the finals and attain a championship. The last game held in the home court of Cavaliers resulted in Lakers winning with 4 points lead. In this last game, accusations towards the boss of the Cavaliers emerged.

Lebron was considered the star of Cavaliers even before he left the team for the first and the second time. The wins of Cavaliers during the series shows Lebron did it all to lift the team into the finals. Fans and analysts accused his previous boss, Dan Gilbert for taking him for granted when he is still with the Cavaliers. He took advance of it and gain from it. This accusation has been heated and currently abuzz on the social media which proven that has a point. And during the last game result, criticism became worse.


  1. MSU to pummel an offense against Rutgers
    Meanwhile, in football, Michigan State Football is planning to pummel a powerful offense against Rutgers this upcoming match this week. MSU plans to leave a mark on their sports career that will devastate the Rutgers’ defense, and score a touchdown on the next match. Rutgers is known to have a tight defense but has the worst offense that they couldn’t even score a full touch down during the series and a weakness that MSU will use. MSU can hold both offense and defense but they still play in an unconventional way making them at the bottom of the entire series. Can MSU defeat the Rutgers that stood atop them? If they did, it would surely result in an epic comeback. This event will be an astounding one to watch.


  1. Professional boxer Manny Pacquiao declares the intention of retiring; next match will be the deciding factor.
    The latest trending news about boxing circulates around Manny Pacquiao. He is famous for having a professional record of 60 wins, 7 losses and 2 draws in his boxing career. He is also named as the Catch-weight king by some analysts for winning 8 belts from 8 world division titles having him as the only achiever.

boxing gloves
Sometime on Wednesday, he declared on some sports analysts and reporters that he will be resigning from his boxing career. He is also worried that his age would do a big impact if he still continues. He is scheduled for another fight this upcoming January 19 and this will serve his signal for him to resign.

These are some of the current events on sports that different news anchors, analysts, fans, and social media talk about. There is a more interesting sports event that still stirring and surely piques your interest once the pots have heated. For more of it, stay tuned on your televisions or online for more.