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Every month, the U.S witnesses many technology events held by tech experts wishing to come together and deliberate on key issues affecting the industry. The month of November 2018 has been no different. In recent months, tech executives and geniuses have held events such as Deltek Insight, PASS Summit, Brand Marketing Summit, and many others. However, there is no current event in technology that is as eagerly awaited as the upcoming AI Expo North America, which will be held on 28th November 2018 in Santa Clara. Virtual Assistants, Business Intelligence, AI Algorithms, Virtual Chatbox, Machine Learning, as well as Data & Analytics.


The AI Expo North America
The hottest current technology event in America is the AI Expo North America. The 2018 edition of this prestigious event is scheduled to take place at the Santa Clara Convention Center. It will be a two-day event designed to give tech giants a platform to showcase the innovative strategies and products that they have in store for the world. The event is expected to introduce the next generation of Artificial Intelligence products that will rock the tech industry in the near future.


In addition, analysts argue that Big Data companies will seize the opportunity to introduce innovative solutions to the corporate industry.

The AI Expo North America provides a platform for entrepreneurs to explore and discover the emergent and practical AI solutions that can drive their businesses forward beyond the foreseeable future. The 2018 edition will inevitably converge forward-thinking market trailblazers, upshot start-ups, renowned AI brands, as well as AI evangelists to deliberate and explore the advancements necessary to solidify the position of AI in the business world. They will also debate the impacts of their products both on the consumer and the enterprise sectors. The preliminary schedule shows that the event will cover high-level topics such as Deep Learning, Virtual Assistants, Business Intelligence, AI Algorithms, Virtual Chatbox, Machine Learning, as well as Data & Analytics.

Organizers expect the AI Expo North America to attract over 2,000 participants and visitors during the two days. Most of the visitors will include venture capitalists, IT personnel, innovation executives, start-ups, prospective innovators, data analysts, data scientists, brand managers, tech providers, as well as designers and developers. These stakeholders may be intrigued to know that the 2018 edition of this annual event will be co-hosted alongside other publicly acclaimed events. For example, the 2018 edition will happen alongside the Blockchain Expo and the IoT Tech Expo, two events that attract more than ten thousand visitors every year combined.

In addition, this year’s AI Expo North America will happen alongside the newly established Cyber Security and Cloud Expo. The idea to merge these four events is grounded on the premise that a concurrent technology conference will enable attendees to learn and understand the convergence of the technologies involved in the four sectors. The organizers believe that a solid partnership between players in the four sectors will undoubtedly guarantee future sustainability to all stakeholders. Trust me you do not want to miss the 2018 edition of this high-level conference.